The City of Karratha is a local government authority located in Western Australia. As of 2019, the City of Karratha is governed by an enterprise agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for its staff.

The 2019 City of Karratha Enterprise Agreement covers a range of topics, such as remuneration, leave entitlements, performance management, and work health and safety. It aims to provide a fair and equitable framework for employees, while also enabling the City of Karratha to effectively deliver its services to the community.

One of the key features of the enterprise agreement is the remuneration structure. The City of Karratha has adopted a pay scale that reflects industry standards and takes into account an employee`s experience and qualifications. This pay scale is reviewed annually to ensure that it remains competitive and attractive to potential employees.

The enterprise agreement also provides for a range of leave entitlements, including annual leave, personal leave, and long service leave. These entitlements are designed to support the health and wellbeing of employees, as well as provide them with the necessary time off to recharge and spend time with their families.

Performance management is another important aspect of the enterprise agreement. It outlines the City of Karratha`s expectations of its employees, as well as the processes for setting goals and measuring performance. This helps to ensure that all employees are working towards common objectives and that their contributions are recognised and valued.

Finally, the enterprise agreement includes provisions for work health and safety. The City of Karratha is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for its employees, and this is reflected in the agreement. It outlines the responsibilities of employees and the City of Karratha in maintaining a safe working environment, as well as the processes for reporting and investigating incidents.

In summary, the 2019 City of Karratha Enterprise Agreement is an important document that provides a framework for employment within the local government authority. It reflects the City of Karratha`s commitment to providing a fair and equitable workplace, while also ensuring that it can deliver essential services to the community.